India Cub Prix Championship

Bringing Two Wheeler Road Racing to the Fans

India Cub Prix Championship is a grassroots Motorsport series whose objective it is to discover new Indian motorcycling talent who can be groomed for the highest levels of International Motorcycle racing. It is a spectator sport which will be fun to watch, and also hugely entertaining to be part off.

Races are held on tarmac : road racing tracks or blocked off city roads or go-kart tracks or large parking lots.The races will be conducted in Cities & Towns  across India and will be  easily accessible to the public and we expect more than 5000 spectators to watch the races at each venue.

Unlike normal motorcycle racing, the emphasis’s on skill rather than high speeds—typically less than 100 kph on short, technical tracks( About 800 meters to 1 km) where flat-out acceleration and high top-speeds are less common.

The motorcycles & scooters used, are regular street bikes specced to FMSCI Race specifications. Riders wear road racing leathers and gear. Cub Prix motorcycles / scooters have four-stroke engines and are single cylinder.

The racers will be youngsters (male and female), age: 13 to 23 years.
The categories will be 100cc to 150cc -Motorbikes & Scooters
We plan to run a separate class for Ladies.

There will be intense inter-brand rivalry among 2 wheeler manufacturers as they will be competing against each other with bikes in the market segments, that get them the most volumes. So the adage “Race on Sunday, Sell on Monday“ will hold true here! Manufacturers will be involved to further their reputation in these market segments and also because of the high spectator viewership.

This will run on a yearly series, with 6 rounds, across cities in India.These races will be conducted after November 2018  in cities accross India like Chennai, Bangalore , Hyderabad ,Pune, Chandigarh , Kolkata  , before June 2019.

These races will be a stepping stone for the youth to get into professional racing and a training ground for them.

The races will be extensively promoted in the local newspapers, FM Radio, TV, Social media to generate interest, so that the maximum number of people come to watch the races live at the venue.

The event will be telecast LIVE on our YouTube channel and Facebook.

Come, be a part of the action, that finds the Super Star Racer from India to ride in MotoGP & WSBK !! 

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